My Top 5 No-Lye Hair Relaxers

Of course this list is based solely on the relaxers I've tried. I declared myself a no-lye lady a long time ago after a lye relaxer burned the crap out of my scalp! No-lye relaxers are known for being easier on the scalp and harder on the hair. The trick is finding one that's great, but doesn't leave your hair desert dry like most no-lye relaxers do. Check out the no-lye relaxers I've tried....

*My No-Lye Relaxer Archive*
1. Dark & Lovely No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer- used this for most of my life & it always left my hair dry :-(
2. Luster's PCJ No-Lye Creme Relaxer for Children- my first relaxer as a child, I loved seeing the PCJ ads in Essence magazine!
3. Soft & Beautiful No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer
4. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer
5. Vitale Olive Oil Sensitive Scalp No-Lye Relaxer
6. Dr. Miracle's Feel It Formula Thermalceutical Intensive No-Lye Relaxer - only used this once
7. African Pride Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer-used this for years
8. Elasta QP No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer
9. Profective Anti-Damage No-Lye Relaxer
10. Luster's Pink Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer-only used this once too
11. Optimum Care Anti-Breakage No-Lye Relaxer
12. Alter Ego Linange No-Lye Shea Butter Creme Relaxer
13. Silk Elements MegaSilk No-Lye Relaxer
And out of those here are the leading ones.

*My Top 5 No-Lye Relaxers*

You guys know I've been using this relaxer since last spring and I LOVE IT. This relaxer provides my hair with the softness, body, and shine I've always looked for! And it straightens my roots. :D I talk about it all the time.....I'm totally satisfied with this relaxer so I doubt I'll be changing again.
2. Silk Elements MegaSilk No-Lye Relaxer
This is a great relaxer and it's cheap! It's around $5-8 depending on where you live. This is what I was using before I found the Alter Ego. SE definitely makes your hair feel silky! 3. Elasta QP No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer
Another great relaxer...Elasta QP left me with beautiful waves. My new growth was straight, but wavy. 4. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer This was the second relaxer I used at the beginning of my hair care journey back in 2007. I remember walking around the entire day touching my hair because it was so SOFT. My hair had never been that soft after a relaxer. I really couldn't believe it.... 5. Vitale Olive Oil Sensitive Scalp No-Lye Relaxer Vitale gives you great results as far straightness. My roots were always straight with this relaxer. Honorable Mention: I have heard about how great Phyto Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index I & II & Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer are, but I've never tried them because of how expensive they are. My Alter Ego costs me about $15-20 depending on what kind of shipping I get. So the price is definitely right. Have you guys tried any of these relaxers? What's your favorite relaxer? 

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Tee said...

Thanks for the review on Alter Ego, I've been eager to try this!! I've used African Pride for years and swore by it, used ORS Olive Oil, does nothing for my hair. Affirm Fiberguard was great for being gentle on the strands but didn't get my roots "bone str8". Currently using Fabulaxer but you may have just convinced meto switch sooner to

laughing808 said...

I've used Silk Elements and the results were ok enough for me to use again. I tried Elasta once and it was abit too harsh on my hair. I think I'll give the Alter Ego a try, thanks for the suggestion.

O.D.G. said...

To start off, I have coarse hair.I've tried Alter Ego and I strongly dislike it. It made my hair so finely thin (if that makes since) that I was outraged. I had it put in by a professional. Well I wasn't, but I was happy with thinailooking hair. It looked nice, don't get me wrong, but it was just too thin. I've used Affirm for years and I like it. I have no complaints. As far as having bone-straight hair is concerned, I was told that african (black or colored people)people's hair should not be relaxed bone straight.

That's what I was told..:)
Love what you're doing K.D.!
Keep it up!

Ambrosia said...

Yesterday I purchased the ORS relaxer because they were out of the one I usually get. I hope I have the same I-can't-keep-my-hands-out-my-hair results you did. =D

K.D.@HairGurl said...

@Tee- I hope u like AE as much as I do! ORS made my hair soft, but it seemed to always underprocesses me. :\

@laughing808- Really? I liked SE, but it doesn't hold a candle to my AE. ;-)

@ODG-Thanks for the input. I've heard that Affirm leaves women w/ straight thin hair. I've heard more great things about Affirm than bad things though.:-)Which Affirm do u use? As far as relaxing bone straight, to each his own. Some do it, some don't.I might make a post on that lol. The AE relaxes my hair, but it's straight with body ya know? Thanks for being a reader ODG!:D

@Ambrosia Let me know how u like the ORS!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone used Precise? What about Epitome? I used it many moons ago, when I self-relaxed. My most recent perm has been Design Essentials time release, but I have two wait 3 weeks before my fine hair reflects volume. I stood in line at sephora with phyto, but grew skeptical and left without the product.

FeFe Mae said...

Is Alter Ego still your fav?
I want to try that after I do silks. Im birracial and my mom being german has very curly hair which is uncommon. So My hair is so different O.o lol I like to loosen the curls but not completely straighten it

Anonymous said...

I have use alter ego relaxer 3 time and all I knew my hair was thin as ever the relaxer I use to use was fab relaxer and I was Happy now I'm using nexus to regain the thickness and breakage of my hair

tae said...

My daughter and I love Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil relaxer! It leaves our hair soft, shiny, bouncing & And it goes the distance touch-ups between 7-8 wks.

Mika said...

I have had my hair 'natural' for 10 years now and decided to relax it for the new year. I'm looking for a great relaxer to use and would welcome your suggestions. My hair was always fine and thin even when I was a child. It only passed my shoulders when I was pregnant. Looking for a change. HELP!

Nole said...

I noticed you don't have the affirm fibrtguard sensitive scalp creme relaxer in your list.But, that is by far the best no lye I haved used. I get it done at salon most of the times due to the messiness involved. Heard very good things about Phyto and Olive Oil relaxers as well.

K.D. said...

@Anon I've never used either one of those.

@FeFe I'm natural now, but yes girl Alter Ego was my absolute fave when I was relaxed!

@Anon I'm glad you've found what works for you. :-) That's the most important thing!

@Mika Try Alter Ego! That was my fave relaxer when I was relaxed. I had to buy it from here because it wasn't sold at my local bss. Here's the link: I always go no-lye.

@Nole I've never used Affirm, but I've always heard great things about them! I also used to hear about Phyto, but I didn't try them out when I relaxed. Glad you like Affirm!

Kelly said...

Based on my own experience affirm fibrtguard for sensitive scalp was the best thing i ever used so far. Not sure about the rest...

Anonymous said...

@Honorable Mention: I have heard about how great Phyto Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index I & II & Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer are,
but I've never tried them because of how expensive they are.

The reason for Avalon Affirm being more expensive is most likely them only being sold in professional packages with a minimum of 4 applications.
Meaning u can relax your hair 4 times etc, it goes all the way up to 20 application packages in which case u would get em for half the original price.

Hair Regrowth Society said...

Yes its good to use organic is better than all.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried any relaxers that just tame the curls? I'd still like some wave to mine

Nikki said...

I've used the Phyto relaxer (Index II) 3 times. It is VERY GOOD.
Pros: Gentle on the scalp (e.g. doesn't burn if you need more smoothing time), straightens hair very well, hair is soft not hard after application.
Cons: Volume of relaxer (you get about half of what other relaxers contain), expensive
I applied the relaxer myself the 1st time I tried it; I barely had enough to cover my head. The other 2x, I bought it and had my beautician apply it. She was able to stretch the relaxer contents a little further, but not by much. All 3x, I was very happy with results.

Phyto is worth it if you a) like the hair straight, b) don't want any scalp burns & c) soft not hard hair after relaxing. However, because of the price & small amount of relaxer provided with the kit, this is best applied by someone else.

Affie said...

I have to give it to Organics Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer range, I have nothing but praises for it. It leaves my hair super-straight for longer compared to other relaxers and my hair is so soft! I've seen some growth since I've been using it, my scalp is much healthier and I've noticed it too with some family members to whom I've recommended it to. Its good to stick to one brand, don't change your brands.

Cyrilene fries said...

I have been using motions for as long as i can remember,im 22 now nd i have vast bald spots of breakage in my head,i am at my wits end anf im considering going bald. A friend of mind recommended ladian, but its only avaluable in salon and too expensive for me..u need help urgently...i dnt want straight hair just plsease

Mary Jackson said...

Just to add a couple of nice tips here: Wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo (sulfates dry out your hair) and after you condition it, pat your hair dry with a towel and use a pump of argan oil. It’ll smooth the frizz down and make your hair look nice and soft. It’s not oily or heavy, or at least the one I have isn’t, mine is by the
Pro naturals brand which is only sold online. It doubles as a heat protectant if you ever want to
straighten or blow dry your hair.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post any info on epitomi shae butter relaxer?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the relaxers whether or not I can use just any. I've already bought dark n lovely and I don't think it'll work. My husband said I can't use it because I don't have the type of hair that is pictured. Is this product just meant for African Americans? Can I still use it if I'm not? I hope so. I'm dying to get this overwith. Please help

cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with smoothed . Today I use the Silk Element and I loved it. My hair is soft , not irritated my scalp and my hair is super straigh . thanks again from Puerto Rico

cynthia said...

sorry I use translate

Anonymous said...

I have used affirm,it's great, through lack of availability I tried PCJ kids, it left my hair dry and damaged.

Anonymous said...

Motions is horrible that's probably why you have bald spots. That thing will burn a hole in your head.